I absolutely love this video from Rick Shiels on how to build the complete golf swing. It is definitely a basics video, but it breaks the swing down perfectly. It shows you exactly what you should be doing, and if you are having trouble right now with your swing or if you are a beginner, this video will get you moving in the right direction. Take a look at this six part series and check out my notes as you go down. Also, check out his channel to see more great golf videos.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFHZHhZaH7Rc_FOMIzUziJA

Part 1 – Background into the swing

The first video just simply shows you how to swing a club without going into any specifics, as he talks about what he mostly going to show you in the next few videos. This is a definite video to watch to get a grasp of what you are going to learn.


Part 2 – The Grip

Quite possibly the most important thing in the golf swing is the grip. I remember when I first started playing golf around 14 I held it like a baseball bat. I did okay with that grip and a Jim Furyk swing, but once I decided to get serious, I got a lesson from a golf pro. First thing he did was change my grip and I hated it at first and resisted it. But I stayed with it and eventually realized how much better it is when you do it the right way. Anyways, what I am saying is you need to watch this video to make sure you get this fundamental down pat!

Part 3 – The Setup

Now that you have the grip down, you need to know how to stand at the ball and hit it properly. It helps you get the correct spacing and footwork down for the swing, as well as where to hit the ball.  I love his part about talking about sticking your butt out, as that was always a major thing for me when I was learning how to golf. For me, I would make sure my butt was out, and when I started to feel a little stretch in my legs, I knew I was set up right.

Part 4 – The Backswing

Just as it says, this video will show you exactly how to get the club back and in the proper position to strike the ball properly.

Part 5 – The Downswing and Impact

The next video in the series will work with you on the your golf downswing and the impact. It helps show you to use your body properly to get the power that you need to hit the ball with power and accuracy.

Part 6 – The Follow Through and the Finish

You just nailed the ball perfectly, now you need to finish it properly! This part is huge because you need to be balanced and graceful, and believe it or not, your pose at the end is important. Having a tour player style finish means that you hit the ball and kept your balance perfectly, just as you wanted, so it is key to finish properly.