I just absolutely needed this book and wanted to send this along to everyone here. This is a must read for anyone that is involved in a youth sports program at any level. This is a comprehensive guide on how to run a youth sports program from the ground up. He goes into very deep detail on how to do everything that is needed to set up a youth sports team, such as how to form a non profit company to how to find the perfect coaches. This book even taught me how to run a concession stand.

I have been a member of many different youth sports programs, and I only wish I had a guide like this when I started out. Even teams that are established can benefit from this book because it provides basically a checklist as to what you and your youth sports team should have been doing the whole time. It gives tons of fundraising ideas that we never used before and it showed us better ways to deal with complaints from parents.

So yes, I am a huge supporter of this book and thought I should pass it on to everyone else who is looking for some guidance on what to do. Download the Kindle book at Amazon here: SOLVED! How to Run a Youth Sports Team